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BLACK MUSIC MONTH - All the Power of Black Music

Dass die Schwarze Musik die Wurzel jeglicher Pop-Musik ist, haben namhafte Musiker unserer Zeit schon immer gesagt und mit ihren Werken auch immer wieder bewiesen. 

Doch wussten Sie, dass in den USA dieser Musik ein ganzer Monat des Jahres gewidmet ist? Gerade ist der diesjährige - im Juni - zuende gegangen.

Black Music Month ist ähnlich wie der Black History Month dazu da, den Fokus auf die Geschichte zu richten - auf die Geschichte der Schwarzen Musik, auf ihre Vielfalt und auf ihre alten Super-Stars, jedoch ebenso auf die Newcomer in diesem Genre. Ein Blick in die Online-Magazine der Black Community zeigt, was Black-Music-mäßig z.Z. IN ist in den Staaten und was man wohl auch in Zukunft hier bei uns in Europa hören wird:

Black Music Month Special: Introducing Hal Linton

by Haru F. Daniels /Blackvoices

Hailing from the sunny shores of Barbados, singer-songwriter Hal Linton is definitely a new artist to be in the lookout for with his brew of R&B soul music.

Winning the Barbados Music Award was just a prelude to the success this smooth crooner is poised for.

Signed to Universal Motown Records, R&B's newest star has music industry titan Sylvia Rhone in his corner and a debut opus, 'Return From The Future,' due out later this year.

Black Music Month


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Jennifer Hudson Opens Up About Family Tragedy on 'Behind the Music'

It's been nearly two years since Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson's family members were tragically murdered in her hometown of Chicago on Oct. 24, 2008. Last night, the former 'American Idol' finalist discussed her great loss on VH1's critically acclaimed 'Behind the Music.' The show included ...

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Jennifer Hudson Opens  Up About Family Tragedy on  'Behind the Music'

Life Beyond Hip-Hop: 30 Rappers Doing Big Things Beyond Rap

In honor of Black Music Month, Black Voices has put together a list of individuals who have not only achieved success in the rap world, but also through other worthwhile endeavors. From Queen Latifah, who once rapped about 'Ladies First' and has since gone on to become a well-regarded film actress ...

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Life Beyond Hip-Hop: 30 Rappers  Doing Big Things  Beyond Rap

A Look at LL Cool J Through the Years

LL Cool J is one of the few rappers who has managed to stay in the spotlight for the last 25 years. As one of Def Jam Records biggest hit makers, James Todd Smith first impressed the masses on screen in the hip-hop classic 'Krush Groove' in 1985. Shortly after, his profile started to grow beyond ...

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A Look at LL Cool J Through the Years

Black Music Month Reader's Choice Poll: Who's The Sexiest Rapper? 

BLACK MUSIC MONTH: 7 Pop/Rap CDs You Must Revisit  

BLACK MUSIC MONTH: 7 Gospel CDs You Must Revisit  

BLACK MUSIC MONTH: 7 Pop/Rap CDs You Must Revisit 

Black Music Month: Guess That Song Quiz 2

Black Music Month: Guess That Song Quiz 3   


Black Music Month Essay: Steve Harvey on Old School Music 


Black Music Month Essay: Steve Harvey on Old School Music

When I hear good music it does something to me, it makes be do unnatural things to myself. Hearing good music makes me happy, it makes me sad and sometimes, it makes me want to party all night long. Good music speaks to all folks no matter what color they are or how much money they make.

But, there is a something special to be said for the music of my generation; true old school music and why I love it so much.

The reason I play the Brown Liquor song of the day on my morning show is because young people need to be reminded of artist like Earth, Wind and Fire, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Teddy Pendergrass and The Isley Brothers. These cats have created timeless classics that take you back to times when life was simpler, when dancing cheek to cheek was essential to every basement party with a red light screwed into the socket. You needed that to set the mood. This was before the 1s and 2s. A time when men opened doors for women, asked a woman to dance, a time when men dressed to impress women and not to show their boys how hard they were....

VIDEO: Russell Simmons on Black Music Month 

'The Spark' Episode 13: Black Music Month Focus -- the Power of Music! 

Jay-Z: 40 Facts About the 40-Year-Old Hip-Hop Icon 

Celebrity Look Alikes: Black Music Month Edition  

Dyana Williams: Honoring the Tradition of Black Music Month


Dyana Williams: Honoring the Tradition of Black Music Month

What is Black Music Month? Why do we celebrate it? And at this point -- with the popularity of rap and R&B -- couldn't every month be Black Music Month?

With last year being the 30th anniversary of the celebrated event, veteran radio personality and broadcaster Dyana Williams believes that its significance is even more important today. Heralded as an "ambassador of African American music," this New York native is a self-proclaimed music activist. The ex-wife of Black Music Month co-founder and acclaimed songwriter-producer Kenny Gamble, Williams has worked tirelessly for years to honor the contributions of pioneers such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone and countless others who helped shape the American music scene....

Government Names: Black Music Month Edition 

White House Proclaims Black Music Month

By NewsOne Staff June 6, 2010 9:40 am



Music can tell a story, assuage our sorrows, provide blessing and redemption, and express a soul’s sublime and powerful beauty. It inspires us daily, giving voice to the human spirit. For many, including the African-American community, music unites individuals through a shared heritage. During African-American Music Appreciation Month, we celebrate the extraordinary legacy of African-American singers, composers, and musicians, as well as their indelible contributions to our Nation and our world....


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