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Im Grenzgebiet zu einem weiteren somalischen Sub-Staat – Galmudug – verhandelt Aden mit tödlich zerstrittenen Stammesführern. Vor dem Verhandlungsraum wartet ein Soldat Fotoreportage Somalia: Ein Mini-Staat kämpft ums Überleben | Politik | ZEIT ONLINE

Heute fällt unser Blick auf einen Mini-Staat in Somalia, von dem Sie wahrscheinlich noch niemals gehört haben. Die ZEIT-Fotoreportage nimmt uns mit in ein karges, umkämpftes Land, in dem Menschen versuchen, sich eine bessere Zukunft aufzubauen. Die Fotoreportage enthält zehn weitere Fotos, die alle vom Fotografen Stanislav Krupar stammen, und einen Hintergrundbericht:

Fotoreportage Somalia: Ein Mini-Staat kämpft ums Überleben | Politik | ZEIT ONLINE

Somalia: Hort der Piraten, Warlords und Terroristen

Stammesführer der Sa'ad und Saleban bei heftigen Verhandlungen vor der Moschee im Grenzgebiet: 120 Tote hat der Konflikt bereits gefordert Fotoreportage Somalia: Ein Mini-Staat kämpft ums Überleben | Politik | ZEIT ONLINE

Text ZEIT:

Himan & Heeb ist ein unabhängiger Ministaat im Zentrum des zerfallenden Somalia. Die Region liegt zwischen Puntland im Norden und dem von der radikalislamistischen Al-Shahab-Miliz beherrschten Rest-Somalia im Süden. Gegründet hat Himan & Heeb ein aus den USA heimgekehrter Einheimischer, der jetzt auch Präsident ist; finanziert wird der Staat  aus Spenden und inzwischen auch Steuereinnahmen. Wichtig in Himan & Heeb ist die Einbindung der Clans in die Politik.

Ein Soldat an einer Wasserstelle bei Adado: Die dritte große Sorge ist die Trockenheit, die schlimmste seit 1971; Hunger, Flucht und kriegerische Scharmützel sind die Folge Fotoreportage Somalia: Ein Mini-Staat kämpft ums Überleben | Politik | ZEIT ONLINE

Die Hauptstraße von Adado: Mohamed Aden hat hier mit Geld von Exil-Somaliern ein Leben in Frieden möglich gemacht Fotoreportage Somalia: Ein Mini-Staat kämpft ums Überleben | Politik | ZEIT ONLINE

 Vor der neuen Residenz des Präsidenten in der Hauptstadt Adado treffen sich Stammesälteste zum Gespräch Fotoreportage Somalia: Ein Mini-Staat kämpft ums Überleben | Politik | ZEIT ONLINE

Hier konnten wir weitere Informationen über den Mini-Staat in Somalia für Sie zusammentragen:

Himan & Heeb state is a new phenomenal that may just be the way forward for Somalia as it deals with its many problems, particularly in the south where lawlessness and chaos has ruled for more than two decades. Somali communities should pay close attention. Himan and Heeb uses a community based building block approach which may be very effective in dealing with issues in Somalia. Some may argue that this path will add more difficulties to the Somali problem as a sovereign state and may jeopardize the unity of Somali people in the long run. pinions">Himan & Heeb--from Hardship to Harmony

Mohamed Aden “Tiiceey”, Himan & Heeb President, spoke to a Sky News reporter about Rachel and Paul’s 13 months ordeal and how to best address piracy in Somalia. Mr. Aden left for Somalia about two and half years ago to help establish a local government for his countrymen after soo many years in Minnesota. Video: Himan & Heeb President proposes a solution for piracy in Somalia?

Video: Himan & Heeb President proposes a solution for piracy in Somalia?

pinions">Himan & Heeb--from Hardship to Harmony  

Taken from MADASHA:

Since the Himan & Heeb State was established in 2008, many changes have occurred in the region.  With the exception of few minor incidents orchestrated by some groups who wish no peace or stability for the region, the area is more secure than ever before. Security is of course the first and foremost priority for any administration to remain stable and work for the community to build the critical infrastructure necessary to maintain a livable environment. Whereas so many Somalis have been disheartened and pessimistic about their future, some early studies have indicated that the Himan & Heeb administration has been successful in getting community members to use their ideas and enthusiasm to finding workable solutions to their problems. For instance, earlier this year there was a group of women in Godenlable city who organized themselves around an initiative to build a local Hospital. Others are now duplicated their work for other cities. Also, underway is a program called “Power of Society”, a program run by volunteers that aims build public service institutions.

The business sector has dramatically improvements within the Himan & Heeb state particularly in Addado, the capital city of the state. Investment has rising in many sectors chiefly in the development of the housing and tourism industry – plenty of houses, hotels and restaurants are built. Land prices and living expenses have skyrocketed as new businesses open and people from the surrounding regions move to Himan & Heeb looking for jobs and better life. The telecommunication industry is increasingly growing. This increased business in the private sector has been the engine of the emerging economy of this state which is strategically positioned at a crossroads of several regions.

Education is also seeing dramatic change and growth. There are schools in almost every city, from primary level to secondary. Nearly 5000 students go to school every day. “Knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness.”  This quote can be seen across the front of the IFTIN Elementary school in Adaado, where almost 100 students are enrolled this year. The Iftin organization is building an affordable education system across Himan & Heeb statewide.  There is also the Wadani Youth Development organization, which provides free education and focuses on eliminating illiteracy in the region in both adults and children especially those who can’t afford to go to private schools.

Broadly speaking, the mission of establishing Himan & Heeb is to end the human suffering and drive conflict out from its borders. Given that a long drought has hit the region over the last several years, this is surely one of the toughest places in the country to do anything but they are showing that it is not impossible to make change happen. A pact can be made in short time, but the challenges of state building and moving from chaos to order require much time, and getting this administration up and running effectively will require several years and many more resources.  Also, for Himan & Heeb to succeed, the whole region would have to be stabilized. It’s important to reach out to neighboring communities and encourage them to building their communities using similar model. If this happen, the entire region could be on its way to being integrated into one geographical entity which could pave the way for Somalia that is peaceful and stable.

Himan & Heeb held election last week for both the presidential and the House of Representatives. The people of Himan & Heeb reinstated the current administration for another term. Many in the community have deep appreciations for this establishment, its leader, Mohamed Aden (Tiiceey), and his vision for transforming the region. The New York Times described him as a man on a mission.  He has shown quite a leadership.

Although there are many challenges both external and internal, there is plenty of hope that Himan & Heeb state will achieve lasting peace and stability, and prosper in the foreseeable future. However, this will require enormous effort from the Himan & Heeb community both in the country and diasporas and administration.

Ramadan Haji Elmi

Somalia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  

States and regions of Somalia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

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